Our Custom Development Services

STFB Inc. helps our customers meet their Accounting & ERP development needs in the most efficient and cost effective manor by offering consulting and development services. We now support all Cloud-Based SAAS and Managed Services Providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Amazon Web Services, VPS and more! 

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following development and customization tasks:

Amazon Webs Services, AWS Microsoft Azure
VPS & Cloud Services SAAS & Managed Services
Custom Programming Adding New Languages
International Customizations Customized Shopping Cart
Customized CRM Custom Website Connections
Customize Help Desk Systems Integration
Third-Party Integration New Reports

We can quickly build a custom clouyd-based ERP System based on our Integral Accounting Enterprise source code, which you can then offer to your customers under your own label. We now support development on all cloud technologies, including but not limited to Amazon Web Services, AWS, Microsofr Azure, VPS, and other SAAS and Manager Services Providers.
We have many other services that we provide as well. We can provide custom accounting application development services for other software development companies and companies that need to build a complete system, prototype of a system, application framework, or proof of concept quickly and in the most cost efficient way possible, either based on our current technology or entirely new platforms.

We can quickly build these systems to meet your needs by using our own Rapid Application Development Tools and turn these systems over to you for further development or continue the refinement process ourselves.

We specialize in using Rapid Evolutionary Development software design methodology, which is the quickest way of producing high quality software, and allows us to produce systems that meet your exact specifications faster than any other company can provide.

Our Rapid Application Development Tools allow us to define a database schema and an application Template, and will then create full applications from these templates. We can use these tools to jump-start the development process and to quickly make fully working applications.

We can rapidly build your database schema into a framework application or a proof of concept to operate upon that schema in record time to serve as a starting point to your own application, or to jump start your development efforts. If you don't have a database schema to begin with, we can work with you to build a robust database to successfully drive your application. For more information on how this process work, please read the 'Rapid Application Development" information call-out in the right frame.

Porting Old Technology to New Platforms

Using a combination of our software tools and our dot net skill-sets, we can quickly port old client / server applications to the new cloud-based environments like AWS, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or other SAAS or Managed Services Environments.

Experienced Programming Teams

The teams of specialists are composed of expert programmers who have degrees and/or certifications, and have experience in their fields. Our teams are mature and reliable.

We work best with the following technologies: AWS, Azure, Amazon Web Services, SAAS, Managed Services, VB Dot Net, ASP Dot Net, SQL Server, SQL Server Express, PHP, MySQL, & Linux

To request information about our programming services, please send a request to sales@stfb.com and be sure to include the following information:

1) Building a new system or Customization of Existing Platform

2) Exact platform and programming environment you need the software written in

3) Detailed requirements with database schema changes if possible

We can wortk with you to determine your requirements and write a specification for you on a time and materials basis

Please note: If you want us to customize one of our existing package for you, you must first purchase that package from us.

Programming Services

We can create a world-class accounting system for your company in any language using our accounting engine as a basis.


Have any questions?

Please contact our sales people at 954-257-9023 or email


We can provide anwsers to any questions you may have and provide sample source code for our applications before your purchase.

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