Integral Accounting Enterprise 2007
Accounting & ERP System With Full Source Code:

 "Accounting Technology is too important not to be made a commodity"

- Emanuel D. Errico III, President STFB Inc.

Our goal at STFB Inc. is to solve business problems in a cost effective manner by providing an affordable Accounting / ERP solution that is completely and easily customizable, runs on inexpensive hardware, uses popular languages, open database back-ends, and easy to use development tools.
Every company needs an Accounting / ERP package, this is a fact of business life. The problem with the packages on the market, (and this problem applies to every accounting package, from the smallest to the largest), is that what makes a company competitive, what makes a company that sells item X different from other companies that sell item X, is their internal business practices.

Unfortunately, when a company chooses an accounting system, they are taking their company's internal business practices and forcing it to fit whatever mold their accounting software provider forces upon them, and this makes their 'special' business no different from the other companies selling product X and using the same accounting / ERP system.

In order for a company to break the packaged accounting system mold and become really competitive, they must have a customized Accounting / ERP package. There is no other way to capture their business individuality in a piece of business software.

Once a company does make the decision to customize their accounting / ERP software, cost is a big barrier that must be overcome. How can a small to mid-sized corporation afford to implement a software system that captures their individuality and is still affordable for them to use?

Our goal at STFB Inc. is to solve these problems by providing a cost effective Accounting / ERP solution that is completely and easily customizable, runs on inexpensive hardware, uses popular languages, open database back-ends, and easy to use development tools. We will work towards these goals in order to accomplish nothing less than to change the entire business landscape of the country and 'level the business operations playing field' by making customized accounting and ERP solutions available and affordable to all businesses regardless of their size, number of employees and amount of their Information Systems budget.

There are already hundreds of software development and consulting firms using our software around the globe who believe in our vision, and as more companies adopt our software, more talent becomes available to make modifications to the base package to meet company needs. STFB Inc.'s Integral Accounting will become the next standard in the Accounting Systems Industry.


STFB Inc is a Certified Microsoft Certified Gold Partner


TFB Inc is a Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist


Integral Accounting Enterprise Web Services have passed the Dot Net Connected Logo Test.


Integral Accounting Enterprise Desktop Client has passed the Designed for Windows XP Test.

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History & Timeline:

STFB Inc. has been providing accounting systems with source code and distribution rights for companies of all sizes and type all over the world since 1997. 

Timeline of important STFB Inc. Events:
June 1997 - STFB Founded, development begins on the first of our products.
May 1998 - STFB Incorporated in the state of Florida. Main offices in Pembroke Pines.
December 1998 - First Package Released, Integral Accounting Basic, a complete accounting system with full source code for Access 97
June 1999 - Second Package Released, Integral Accounting Pro, a complete accounting system with full source code for Visual Basic and SQL Server
April 2000 - First Web Based Package Released, Integral Accounting Internet, a complete web based accounting system with full source code, one of the first on-line accounting systems.
May 2002 - Development Begins on Integral Accounting Enterprise, a complete dot net accounting system that takes full advantage of xml web services and all of the advanced features that dot net had to offer.
June 2003 - STFB Inc. releases the first ever completely dot net xml web service based accounting system with full source code, called Integral Accounting Enterprise.
January 2004 - Integral Accounting Enterprise v1.0 Released, with many new features and a new interface.
July 2004 - Integral Accounting Enterprise v2.0 Released, includes new reporting engine and many other enhancements
September 2004 - STFB Inc. Becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, one of the few gold certified accounting source code providers in the world.
November 2004 - Integral Accounting Enterprise Released in 14 languages, including Arabic, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.
February 2005 - Integral Accounting Enterprise Nominated for the Best Dot Net Providers, Databases & Tools Award for 2004 by the Dot Net Developers Journal
November 2005 - Development begins on Integral Accounting Enterprise 2005 based on Dot Net 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 Technology
December 2005 - Integral Accounting Enterprise Finished 6th place in the Dot Net Readers Choice Awards, after Discount ASP, Oracle, Component One,  Altova, and Data Direct, and beating offerings by Borland and many other companies
January 2006 - First release of Integral Accounting Enterprise 2005!
February 2006 - Integral Accounting Enterprise 2005 completed and officially released!
June 2007 - Integral Accounting VB, Integral Accounting JavaScript & ASP, Integral Accounting Linux, and Integral Accounting Access re-fitted with updated interfaces and re-braded as the Nebula Accounting Line of products.
September 2007 - Integral Accounting Enterprise 2007 completed and officially released! Includes many enhancements including new winforms framework!
June 2008 - Integral Accounting Enterprise 2007 v2 completed and officially released!
If you would like more information about STFB Inc., please call us toll free at 1-877-767-5770 or email

Recent Press Articles

In this article, that appeared on the Microsoft Press Pass Site, Microsoft call us a " "Leading-Edge ISV (Independent Software Vendor)"

In this article from E-Week Channel Insider we discuss our plans for future development and our Front-Runner Program Participation:,1895,1869307,00.asp

In this article from Redmond Channel Partner Magazine we are quoted about the importance of the Microsoft Front Runner Program and SQL Server 2005:
The Dot Net Development Journal nominated our Integral Accounting Enterprise for a Readers Choice Award. Their press release announcing this is found on the internet at 
There are articles pending about our company and our products in several other magazines, please check back for more information!

Notable Customers & Sales

We have sold a copy of Integral Accounting Enterprise in Sept 2005 to a division of the Pentagon. They wish to use our software to instantly set-up logistics for field offices.
We have sold copies of our software, Integral Accounting JavaScript (in 2002) & Integral Accounting Enterprise (in 2004) to the University of Hong Kong
We sold a copy of our first web-based accounting system to Arthur Andersen in 2001 for a research project that they were doing in the then emerging field of on-line accounting systems.
We have sold copies of our software to many developing nations across the world.